Efficient Checkout Experience

Beautiful customer displays makes things seamless.

Designed to make your business as profitable as possible.

Affordable Point Of Sales Systems

Simple to use interfaces means less room for errors and quick training applications

Stock Control Made Easy

Manage quantity changes and inventory at sale.

Less manual work means more time to run your business.


PurePosOur PurePOS has a simple-to-use interface, it minimises any space for errors with fast-learning applications and robust databases so you don’t have to invest in thorough, and costly, training programs.

Bank Note Counter

CounterPerfect for use in cashiers, patroll offices and exchanges for small or medium volumes of cash operation

You’re in good company…

Rondeen Abrahams

Rondeen – Co owner and director of ACRN since 1990


Neil Abrahams

Nei l- Co owner and director of ACRN since 1990



Cash Register

POS System


CCTV Cameras / Installations

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